BPB Roadshow starts next month

We all have a pretty good idea about the changes to the certification system that the BPB wants to introduce from March 2013 – to make it more difficult to keep working in doing what you are doing unless you stay where you are now and all based on the idea that because people do full-time "certifying" in all the other states and privately, you lot in local government (even though you do more than everyone else in Australia) need to get with the program.

A program that is antagonistic to the multiskilled local government practitioner as we know it in NSW because the BPB wants national consistency, up you for the rent.

All general managers received a letter dated 21 December advising of a series of forums to be conducted across the State during February and into early March. The Board wants you to have "direct input into the future scope of the certification system in NSW”.

So much more satisfying for them to let you have direct input so that they can ignore your wishes. BPB Chair Sue Holliday made it abundantly clear last year to depa representatives at our usual post Board meeting briefing that these changes would be happening in March 2013 and we had better get used to it.

Still, you should go and tell them what you think. If you think it’s the end of the world as we know it, tell them.

The sessions will be held at the following locations and dates (venues still to be confirmed):

Ballina 13 February 2012
Port Macquarie 15 February 2012
Tamworth 17 February 2012
Dubbo 20 February 2012
Katoomba 22 February 2012
Parramatta 24 February 2012
Wollongong 27 February 2012
Queanbeyan 29 February 2012
Wagga Wagga 2 March 2012
Sydney 5 March 2012
Newcastle 6 March 2012
Broken Hill 9 March 2012



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