You don’t have to be a member, but what would you do if …

Whether you decide to be a member of depa or other unions is entirely up to you. You can’t be made to join and unions make significant efforts to make membership attractive. A range of services, often journey claim insurance when governments antagonistic to protection of workers injured on their way to or from work remove protection, a free day off on union picnic day and access to advice and assistance when you need it.

Lots of people decide they don’t need that but then sometimes they find themselves in trouble.
What do you do if you’re not a union member and you suddenly find that you are one of the people being investigated in an ICAC investigation, just like they’re doing at the moment at one Council?
What do you do if you’re not a union member and you’re off on parental leave and when you want to come back to work part time, the Council says they want your car back?
There are lots of examples, of course, of things that can happen where you need instant advice and assistance, but these are two real examples of people who thought they could look after themselves and then found that maybe they couldn’t: trying to join depa when they already had a problem, a bit like ringing up an insurer when the front of your house is on fire and wanting a cover note.
depa, like other unions, has a policy of not providing services to people for things that predate their membership. You’d be surprised how many people want to argue about this but the Committee of Management has resolved the very clear policy where there is no discretion.
Join tomorrow and we cover you for things that happen after you join.
Want to risk it?
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