“New South Wales is open for business” Baird Liberal/Coalition Government commits to dramatic initiatives

NSW announces privatisation of Building Professionals Board

Premier Mike Baird today announced that the Government would adopt recommendations from the review of the BPB by the respected ex Treasury official and finance professional Michael Lambert.

Mr Lambert’s long career included a review for the Government of the possibilities of selling parts of the electricity industry. His report recommended the sale of the poles and wires infrastructure, now a firm but misunderstood commitment of the returned NSW Government.

The Premier said, “while our commitment to sell parts of the electricity industry superstructure is really selling a resource that will decline in value over the years, the BPB would be an absolute goldmine for private speculators. It has a solid income stream from local government and that will increase exponentially.”

“It was a brilliant decision of the Labor Government to expand accreditation beyond private certifiers. Yes, we know that the Board was hopeless in managing the way private certifiers went about their business looking after the interests of those who paid them a fee, but who would have thought it would be any different?  But it was a masterstroke to accredit local government employees. In the three years they have been accredited they have never been investigated, prosecuted nor disciplined by the Board. This is a perfect arrangement.”

“A complete waste of time if it were a role for the public sector, because it would be unnecessary regulation and red tape and damned by IPART, but it’s up there with owning a casino if you want guaranteed income. The mugs just keep paying”, he said.

“This is an ideal income stream - the money flows in from local government and the Board doesn’t need to do anything other than not lose accreditation records.”

The Premier announced that he believed Chinese interests, UBS and other investment banks and the Development and Environmental Professionals’ Association would be interested buyers.

depa was smart enough to see through the folly of private certifiers and that the Government’s plans to accredit local government employees was based on lies and designed to be nothing more than an income stream guaranteed into the future.

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