The Government clarifies the sale of Poles and Wires

Deputy Premier Troy Grant this morning clarified that the sale of poles and wires did not mean all Australian citizens with Polish blood will be sold into slavery. “Gee whiz, after the resounding election mandate from NSW voters, it’s hard to say no to getting rid of all those unpronounceable names. They might be too hard for us simple country folk and many immigrants refuse to Anglicise their name as well, but slavery is out. Until we get Work Choices back, of course.”

“Even though it’s a lifestyle choice to insist on keeping unpronounceable and unspellable names and out here in the bush we have better things to do, it’s still not on”, the Deputy Premier added.

“Kosciuszko is too hard. Really Big Mountain is better and we shouldn’t have to worry about the funny little thing that should go over the first s either.”

The Government’s plans to sell Wires have been enthusiastically embraced by some who thought it meant the Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service. “While we agree it should be funded by tree huggers and those more interested in wildlife than proper useful animals like cattle”, the Deputy Premier said, “we don’t own it, so we can’t sell it.”

“Most of you city people have never seen the damage a kangaroo can do to a fence when you’re chasing it in the ute,” so maybe something for our third term.”

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