And what about one or two good news stories?

Of course there are good news stories. Gosford City Council has finally reached agreement with the USU, LGEA and depa over a long-standing and, by their own admission, poorly handled attempt to remove the 4% bonus payment that has been part of the salary system for 20 years.

Facing three days of arbitration at the end of this month and October, and a pretty damn good (even if I say so myself) witness statement rebutting everything the Council was putting in their evidence, agreement has now been reached to preserve $1.95 million of current spend on performance reward in an ongoing way, increased by award increases into the future. An arrangement that will see any money not spent during the performance year rolled over to the following year.

And as part of the deal, a 2% ongoing payment each year as a staff retention bonus. So, that’s another tick.

Pretty accurate predictions then last month. Try harder Nostradamus, go hard or go home!

But the absolute ripper is this …