Anyone there?

The publication of the September issue of depaNews was followed some hours later by the resignation of the CEO of the Office of Local Government, Marcia Doheny, less than six months into the job. Coincidence only, we are sure.

We have been very critical of OLG and the Minister for their lack of action. OLG has been nothing more than an organisation that keeps notes of bad behaviour by councillors and apparently keeps them somewhere, and the Minister, having issued, for example, a Performance Improvement Order at North Sydney which failed, really had no backup plan.

Now OLG has an acting CEO from outside the industry, has lost key staff to Premier and Cabinet where the real action is coordinated with the reform agenda and has advertised an office full of vacancies in the last few weeks.

All that means that if it were ever going to do something, to remedy its dysfunctionality and incapacity to use its resources for constructive purposes, it won’t be doing it this year.

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