We file section 106 for the unfair sacking at Mid-Western

Sacked without good reason, sacked without any reason, sacked without the opportunity to put up a defence and sacked during an ICAC investigation where the majority group of councillors wanted the director of planning’s head on a plate. Dutifully that head, and the head of another director, were delivered by the GM in the first sackings without explanation in the second level of management in local government’s history.

An inglorious historical first for GM Brad Cam. Something that won’t appear on his CV, you can be sure.

As foreshadowed in the last issue, depa believes that the standard contract is unfair to senior staff employees. And the circumstances at Mid-Western leave much to be desired in terms of fair treatment.

The section 106 application came on before the Industrial Registrar this morning.

The employers had filed a notice to strike out the application for want of jurisdiction and other issues, and this will be referred to the President to be allocated for determination next month.

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