Something to put a smile on your faces - we may have found local government’s dumbest

There will be no way you can deduce from this report who we are talking about but sometimes the ignorance and lack of worldliness of some people beggars belief.

Ever heard the expression, “the blinding light on the road to Damascus”? Of course you have, how could you not.

If you Google it, because you’re not sure and it’s always better to check before you make a goose of yourself, you will go through 50 screens and still not find a link to anything other than the famous conversion story in the Christian Bible of Saul to Paul, who allegedly saw a blinding light and, literally, saw the light.

When we say 50 screens, that’s as far as we got before we simply gave up. But as we went through them one by one thinking there might be some reference to something else, it all became a bit too hilarious. Surely no one would think it could mean anything else.

But clearly you can’t assume too much. depa had used that expression in correspondence to a Council about an issue where management needed some significant education and someone, in a relatively responsible job, responded to the blinding light on the road to Damascus with indignation and horror. What, didn’t they understand its common, usual and garden use?

No, they thought we were claiming that Council management was as bad as ISIS, the so-called Islamic State! Damascus is in Syria, get it?

Yes, we would have thought it a notorious expression, pinched from the Christian stories and used broadly, generally and universally and applied to anyone who has some form of revelation or conversion. Every time we see the expression used in the paper, we feel like sending them a link or a copy.

Next time you’re critical about your own HR people, they are worldly, well-read intellectual geniuses compared to this person. Now you can think yourself lucky working where you do.

And a timely reminder that it won’t be long before we give our Worst HR Awards of the year.