Some great news for Catherine

Old bastards at Mid-Western

Catherine Van Laeren was highly regarded as a planner in local government until her unfair and political removal from Mid-Western. Mid-Western Regional Council, of course, remains the subject of an ongoing investigation by the ICAC.

We ran a section 106 for Catherine, confidentially settled it, and are delighted that since her departure from Mid-Western she has shot through the stratosphere.

Her professionalism as a planner, her capacity as a manager and director, and her vision for the future (qualities not appreciated by the majority group of councillors at Mid-Western) were initially recognised with employment at the Planning Assessment Commission and, more importantly, Catherine has now been appointed as the Director of Sydney Region West for the Department of Planning and Environment. Woohoo, go Catherine!

Those unpleasant old bastards at Mid-Western must be so, so humiliated.

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