Council amalgamations provide “a good night out” for old folks

When NSW Premier Mike Baird announced a commitment to improving activity levels as part of a health and anti-obesity initiative, no one picked that the public consultation process as part of the Fit for the Future amalgamations was part of that wide-ranging and comprehensive initiative.

The meetings attended around the state, and demonstrations intended to oppose the amalgamation of some of the smallest local government areas in the world, have really got the oldies off the lounge, away from the TV and out to meet with other old folk to natter, have a cup of tea and listen to the self-important, other retirees and superannuants and current and ex local government politicians.

It’s been hard to spot anyone under 60 at any of the meetings or demonstrations organised over the last month and a half. Impossible, really. (Personal disclaimer: Not that the over 60s don’t have an important contribution to make – all that history and expertise!)

Is the opposition to the amalgamation rollout limited to this demographic? If it’s only the retirees, the self-interested and clapped out local politicians, why would the Government pay any attention?

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