2016 elections for the Committee of Management

We have elections every two years for the position of President, the two positions of Vice President and the six positions for members of the Committee of Management. The position of Secretary is up for election every four years.

We have one vacancy on the Committee now; long-standing Committee member Les Green reckons 14 years on the Committee is enough and is transitioning to retirement and won’t be re-contesting, and neither will Paul Reynolds. So, three positions need to be filled.

Ordinarily we struggle to find people sufficiently interested or committed for these positions. Obviously it’s something more appropriate to members who have already had a role as a delegate or member of the Consultative Committee representing our members and who see this is an extension of that commitment.

If you are interested in considering standing for election you will be required to provide a 200 word policy statement about what you can offer and if you would like to discuss what’s involved in these important roles, please ring the office and we can fill you in.

The NSW Electoral Commission will be conducting the elections and the timetable agreed with us will see letters to all financial members posted on 9 March. New officeholders will take office from 1 May.

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