We still don’t know what this thing is

When our industrial dispute about LGNSW’s purported Local Government Capability Framework (sic) was listed before Chief Commissioner Kite on 10 October, the Chief Commissioner required the parties to do two things.

The first (done within 24 hours or so and with a firm suggestion that LGNSW consult with the unions to find, as far as possible, an agreed form of words) was for LGNSW to put some information on their website as soon as possible warning the zealots off using the Capability Framework (sic) until the relevant development tools and guides had been prepared.

Second, that there be a focus on developing tools and guides for the appropriate use of the document for those who choose to use it. This was a process anticipating the involvement of the unions so that we do understand what it is and what isn’t so that when it is out there infecting the industry, we have some idea of what it’s for and what it shouldn’t be for.

We meet again next week and while we return to the IRC on 30 November LGNSW has still not provided any draft of tools and guidelines to discuss when we do meet.

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