Had a look at the Draft Code of Conduct yet?

The Office of Local Government has prepared a Draft of a proposed new Model Code of Conduct. Remembering that it will become mandatory, so it’s worth a look. Here is a link.

There are significant additions in areas of harassment, discrimination and bullying and proposed 3.9 provides a definition of “bullying behaviour” as “any behaviour in which a person or a group of people repeatedly behaves unreasonably towards another Council official or a group of Council officials and the behaviour creates a risk to health and safety.”

Ooooooo, there is one Council in particular for whom that will be a significant risk. We’ve been dealing with an oppressive and bullying culture now for almost 9 months. Bit by bit the Council throws significant money at treating the unacceptable personal behaviour but also requires employees working under that person to be part of the treatment. Employees have been provided with training and workshops to learn communication skills and assertiveness sufficient to remind the bloke when he is distressing them or employees are in tears in front of him, it’s not appropriate. We can think of a better strategy.

We will be putting in a submission to OLG on the Draft Model Code before the closure date. Obviously we are interested in things like the protection in 5.5 that “the political views of a Councillor do not constitute a private interest for the purposes of clause 5.2” but for staff, the current provision at 7.4 (e) requires staff to “ensure that any participation in political activities outside the service of the Council does not conflict with the performance of their official duties” is intended to continue.

A better protection for the councillors by the look of it, and more restrictions on staff.

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