Welcome back

For almost all of us, this week ends what always seems like the longest school holidays in the history of the world. They stretch, almost interminably towards the horizon as the six or seven or whatever weeks rollout.

We know what it’s like. But these interminable holidays serve a useful purpose. If it wasn’t for the constant challenges of what to do with the kids over that long, long time, how else could the relentless grind of them going back to school and the challenges of then balancing school and work look easier?

So welcome back to everyone. We hope you find 2018 provides richly rewarding and satisfying work with smart, entertaining and good-company colleagues, in councils that are inspirational bastions of good decision-making, providers of generous and flexible conditions of employment and proper market rates of pay, while at the same time valuable and recognised protectors of the natural and built environment.

But seriously …

That’s good advice. It always helps, before you’re about to do something that could be dangerous or damaging, to make sure you ask someone if there is a risk whether there are better options.

But we're not really reminding you about the dangers of electrocution, are we.

Every now and again it makes sense for us to remind members that it’s always good to get advice about what’s happening at work in restructures or general organisational change. 

If you’re looking at resigning from the Council, or lining up a job at another Council to coincide with a redundancy where you are now (not as easy as it sounds, so beware), or whether it’s reasonable to be in a series of rolling temporary contracts, or what it is that you can get away with, or can’t get away with, it might be smart to get some advice.

That’s what we are here for. Ring or email before you make the big decisions, just in case.


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