Senior Staff are being invited to respond to some questions about their job security

We don’t think senior staff should have to spend their working life sitting on the brink.

Is the GM happy today, or getting a bit too pompous and self-important and wanting you to bow, or scrape? Or approve that DA that doesn’t comply with the planning instruments? Or go soft on the breach of environmental/PoPE, or other legislative requirements for an influential local? Or any other of a multitude of risks.

The three unions are asking senior staff, other than general managers, to respond to our concerns about their vulnerability and what sort of steps they would like to see followed by the Government.

There will be a circular from the three unions headed Senior Staff and the Local Government Act and there is a special link, if you are a depa member, to allow you to respond.

Please do so. We are looking for an authoritative survey of senior staff about their vulnerability as part of our campaign to provide better employment protection and fair treatment for everyone.

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