Uh oh, time to change feet

On Monday night, 30 October, the Public Accounts Committee grilled the Building Commissioner, David Chandler, about his role and expectations.

As he disclosed that he had identified another 200 apartment building with “significant issues” which remained “incomplete” despite being certified for occupancy and another two yet to be announced , he said it was the purchaser’s responsibility.

He said people “should go and spend a little more time having a look (at their apartment) before they settle” and “if people were prepared to do a little bit of research to work out who might be risky and who is less risky” there would be fewer problems. One of the members of the Committee Courtney Houssos MLC described his observations as “remarkable” and pursued Mr Chandler to confirm if his “advice is that homeowners become experts themselves” and whether there was a role for government to regulate.

(Ms Houssos is also an ALP member of the Shoebridge Committee and, from our experience, well-informed on the extraordinarily well-funded and well-staffed Building Commissions in Queensland (in particular) and Victoria.)

Mr Chandler responded to Ms Houssos there was “a role for everyone to do what would be appropriate”.

That includes you, Building Commissioner.

So, buyer beware, if you buy an apartment, it’s all down to you and your judgement.

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