Wake up, we’ve found a flaw in Building and Development Certifiers Act 2018 No 63

We have an email from the BPB that says this:

It appears you have identified an unintended problem with the current provisions of the Building and Development Certifiers Act 2018.

This was a response to concerns initially raised by an Ordinance 4 building surveyor in the west of the state. Not a member of ours (although he had been) but it was brought to our attention by the President of EDAP, Brendan Hayes, a member of our Committee of Management. And while we generally don’t like the idea of doing things for people who aren’t members of ours, it appeared they had a point. Still, the optimistic way of looking at someone who is not a member, is that they are a potential member.

The provisions under the heading Saving of existing certificates of accreditation don’t properly provide for the continuation and renewal of existing certificates of accreditation for certain accredited certifiers - specifically those certified based upon the old Ordinance 4 qualifications and their experience. This would have prevented the renewal of accreditation for many of the older and experienced building surveyors and would have decimated smaller councils on the west of the Great Dividing Range.

Well done to that non-member, because he picked up things that no other building surveyors or certifiers had picked up, nor us, nor the BPB, nor any of the policy people who had drafted the legislation, nor even it would seem, the Parliamentary Draughtsman (sic).

It will now be addressed in the new Building and Development Certifiers Regulation.

Significantly, it wasn’t raised to the AIBS, nor the AAC - the two organisations that most boast about looking after the interests of building surveyors - nor to anyone else. It was raised by us. Member or not, everyone knows we are the organisation looking after the interests of building surveyors.

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