LG Professionals (sic) to the rescue!

The last time LG Professionals (sic) or as we like to call them, Local Government Poseurs, thought they should get themselves involved in employment and industrial issues did them no favours at all. Not sure at the time whether they were an employer organisation looking after the interests of the boss or trying to be an employee organisation looking after the interests of employees, they retired hurt.

But, LG Poseurs supremo, Narrabri GM Stewart Todd, has now launched an initiative to press GMs and CEOs to forfeit their annual pay increase under the standard contract.

The standard contract provides that senior staff annual pay increases are determined by the NSW Government’s Statutory and Other Offices Remuneration Tribunal like senior executives in the State Public Sector. There is also an opportunity for an annual increase for performance or other reasons.

But the President of LGP confidentially wrote to all GMs and CEOs (whether they were members or not) on 22 April claiming there was a ground swell that:

“Senior Officers, not subject to the Award, should ideally have some consistent and agreed to position. I have been approached by a number of metropolitan and regional General Managers/CEOs who strongly believe that in this COVID-19 climate and as leaders of our respective councils, there should be a wage freeze for senior staff. Given that we apply the NSW Remuneration Tribunal’s SOORT determinations, there has been a lot of reorientations(sic) that collectively we should agree to apply a zero increase for Senior Staff for twelve months, owning it and leading it.”

And that LGP could act on their behalf, you know, just like a union would.

“we are also no different from (sic) our community members when it comes to an expectation for a wage freeze at this time. Again I have had strong representations that this is the right thing to do, and what we should proactively do rather than in reaction to us doing nothing, and of course it would be better if we were united in an approach to this issue.”

Go, Comrade! That’s the way a union operates.

Sadly for the heroes of LGP, owning it and leading it wasn’t embraced wildly by the GMs and CEOs, and of the 93 votes recorded (remember there are 128 Councils), there were only 57 in favour - well short of a majority and effectively just over 40% of all GM’s. And if they intended no senior staff to get an annual increase this year, they should have asked other senior staff as well...

A bit presumptuous really but the President was big enough to acknowledge “there are also those that (sic) shunned the survey and were quite negative about the association even asking the question”. Yes, we agree, get back to doing what you do best...

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